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Join the electric motorcycle community is literally visited by people from over 200 countries in the world of which many are sincerely enthusiast and passionate about electric motorcycles. The platform is visited weekly by people from 174 countries on average.

Our journalism and blogger partnership program is intended for professional or talented writers who are interested to create the highest quality news or blog content for an international audience of electric motorcycle enthusiasts. does not seek completeness of news coverage but instead focusses solely on quality of content. Each individual news or blog article should be a piece of modern web art that can become the best article about the subject on the internet, worthy of being a top article for people in over 200 countries.

What you get:

  • A 50% share of the Google advertising revenue for a period of 2 years for content that you created.
  • A professional Google Gmail email address (a paid-for account).
  • Your content is translated into 50+ languages (cost up to ₹890.48 per article).
  • Links and promotion for your websites and contact details, if applicable.
  • A simple publishing system that is designed for AI assistance for automation and time saving.

What you can do:

As an official news editor of, you may reach out to organizations for testing new vehicles and for access to events. A platform with a global audience of enthusiast readers could open many doors in the EV community.

Your revenue:

By creating only the best of the best articles, articles may become the top article globally and reach hundreds of thousands of readers, resulting in significant revenue.

As the author you will receive a 50% share of the Google advertising revenue for your content for a period of 2 years.

Your community:

You will receive access to an international community of motorcycle journalists and bloggers with whom you can cooperate and discuss opportunities and ideas.

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