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Tinbot City20

Tinbot City20 electric moped 3000 watt
Battery18650 Lithium
Range60 km
Charge Time6 hours
Power3 kW (4 hp)
Price₹ 198.448Β’
Removable battery
made in Germany  


Speed25 and 45 km/h
Power3 kW (4 hp)
Weight94 kg
Battery18650 Lithium
Battery Life2,000 cyclesβ„Ή
Range60 km
Charge Time6 hours

The City20 is an innovative electric moped by electric moped pioneer Tinbot from Germany. The company is dedicated to environmentally friendly scooters and mopeds.

The moped has a 50’s style design inspired by the most popular moped in the world, the Honda Super Cub, of which more than 100 million copies have been sold since 1958.

The moped has a powerful 3,000 watt electric motor.

The moped has a removable 20 Ah Samsung lithium battery for a driving range of 60 km.

The moped is available in many colors.

The moped can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide.


2020 Tinbot models

TB-F80Tinbot F80 electric scooter 3000 watt 100
₹ 327.927
18650 Lithium
100 km
TB-EsumTinbot Esum electric cross moped 5000 watt 100
₹ 319.295
18650 Lithium
120 km
TB- ExpressTinbot TB-Express electric delivery scooter 3000 watt 100
₹ 232.976
18650 Lithium
120 km
TB-F10Tinbot F10 electric scooter 3000 watt 100
₹ 215.712
18650 Lithium
120 km
TB-City20Tinbot City20 electric moped 3000 watt 100
₹ 198.448
18650 Lithium
60 km
TB-Esum ProTinbot Esum electric cross moped 11,000 watt 100
18650 Lithium
130 km


Tinbot Technology GmbH
Niddastraße 98-102
60329 Frankfurt aM

Phone: +49 69 85809032


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