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VinFast Theon

VinFast Theon electric scooter 3500 watt
VinFast Theon electric scooter 3500 watt 85
VinFast Theon electric scooter 3500 watt 85
VinFast Theon electric scooter 3500 watt 85
VinFast Theon electric scooter 3500 watt 85
Battery21700 Lithium
Range101 km
Charge Time5 hours
Power3.5 kW (4.7 hp)
Price₹ 210.754πŸ’±
Electronic braking system (EBS)
Removable battery
made in Vietnam  


Speed25 and 45 km/h
Power3.5 kW (4.7 hp)
Weight146 kg
Battery21700 Lithium
Battery Life4,000 cyclesβ„Ή
Range101 km
Charge Time5 hours

The VinFast Theon is an electric smart scooter created by a Vietnamese EV company that is founded by Vingroup, one of the biggest companies in Vietnam. The scooter is manufactured in Vietnam.

kiska designThe Theon scooter is designed by famous motorcycle design agency Kiska from Austria.

The Theon has a powerful 3,500 watt electric motor with chain drive system that is placed in the middle of the scooter. The motor provides a top speed of 90 km/h.

The scooter has two high quality removable Lithium batteries 49.6 Ah for a driving range of 101 km. The batteries are made by Samsung.

VinFast Theon phone appThe Theon is a true smart scooter. The scooter is equipped with 3G, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity and connects to a smart phone. Everything from battery monitoring to GPS to ride history, the Theon app keeps the driver connected and up-to-date with the whereabouts of the scooter.

The scooter is equipped with Phone As A Key (PAAK) technology and has a HMI connection, eSim integration and Smart Lock.

The scooter has an advanced anti-theft system, keyless start and remote activation and deactivation.

The scooter has front and rear disc brakes with professional ABS for optimal braking performance.

IP57 and IP67 waterproof

The Theon is certified waterproof and is able to drive through water. The scooter will enable to continue driving during floods and storms while most petrol scooters will fail.

The scooter meets European standards.

The scooter is available in many colors.


2022 VinFast models

TheonVinFast Theon electric scooter 3500 watt 100
₹ 210.754
21700 Lithium
101 km
Klara SVinfast Klara S electric scooter 1200 watt 100
₹ 131.598
LiFePo4 (LFP)
120 km
KlaraVinFast Klara electric scooter 100
₹ 115.437
LiFePo4 (LFP)
80 km
Klara A2 2021VinFast Klara A2 2021 electric scooter 1200 watt 100
₹ 88.721
AGM gel battery
90 km
FelizVinFast Feliz electric scooter 1200 watt 100
₹ 82.125
AGM gel battery
90 km
ImpesVinfast Impes electric scooter 1700 watt 100
₹ 49.143
LiFePo4 (LFP)
68 km
LudoVinfast Ludo electric scooter 1100 watt 100
₹ 42.547
LiFePo4 (LFP)
70 km


Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone
Cat Hai Island
Cat Hai Town
Cat Hai District
Hai Phong City

Phone: +84 24 3974 8579

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